Business Consultancy Firm

The Linkers Group is a leading consultancy and service based firm. Our consultants helps you to find the missing link of your growth.

We are a group of dedicated individuals that specializes in business consultancy. Be it Financial Advice, Marketing & Branding, Legal or Tax assistance, Mentoring and Training, or Event Management services, we partner with our clients with the aim to actualize their visions by providing effective and efficient business solutions to all types of businesses.

We carefully select our consultants in order to offer our customers foremost quality of expertise together with extensive experience of industry practices. Our consultants have sustainable track record of executing major consulting assignments for the organizations.

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Michael D. Wilson - CEO of New City


Our goal is to help clients’ business grow and expand through innovative and effective marketing solutions. We don’t just stop there; we build a brand that attracts people; we train the individuals to take their brand to the next level, we provide them financial and legal advice and services at each level. We at Linkers, work together to amplify the organization’s operations toward its measurable goals through exceptional services.



We aspire to become the leading consultancy firm in the world that stands out through its exceptional way of handling the brands; turning clients into raving fans. Solution for all your brands and individual needs, is what we strive for in each and every project we deliver.


Our Expert Team

Fueled by passion and a commitment to our clients, our expert team drives best performance for individuals, small businesses and MNCs alike.

Huma Mazhar


Leadership Team

Ch Sohaib Manzoor

Founder & CEO

Faheem Qadir


Ch Rabeel Qader



Alam Munir

Graphic Designer & Social Media Coordinator

Sehrish Malook

HR & Academic Coordinator

Muhammad Asad

Web Developer

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